Lemon Tea



  • 1 tablespoon black tea leaves (or 2 black tea bags)
  • 1 lemon, sliced
  • 2 cinnamon sticks
  •  1/3 cup caster sugar
  •  6 cups boiling water
  •  Lemon slices, optional, to serve


Lemon has long been known for its cleansing properties. It contains a fair amount of vitamin C, is less than 25 calories and is also a natural diuretic. Drinking hot water with lemon is extremely good for cleansing the liver and flushing out waste and toxins, as well as aid digestion and thus, can assist in weight loss.

I always add ginger, passion fruit and honey (my sweet tooth wouldn’t have it any other way!) to my morning lemon tea as I love the taste I get when these are all combined.

However, as well as tasting great ginger, passion fruit and honey are all also beneficial for the body. Honey includes a wealth of benefits that help to boost the immune system, assist weight loss and help the digestive system.

Recent studies
have shown that increasing the amount of honey into your diet causes the body to burn fat at an increased level, which equates to weight loss!

This is because honey is thought to increase the body’s metabolism causing you to burn more fat than usual, even when sleeping.

Honey — nature’s liquid sugar. Liquid gold!

Ginger contains gingerol which is known to aid digestion and reduce symptoms such as nausea. Ginger is also known to be an appetite suppressant.

Ginger is known to aid in digestion, increase energy, speed up the metabolism and have a high fibre content. It is this combination of fat busting goodness that makes this spicy root quite magical for weight loss.

Another natural diuretic, passion fruit is also thought to aid in weight loss as it also has a high fibre content.

So refuse to jump on any bandwagon and forget about all those ridiculous man made, shop bought formula’s and concoctions when looking for ways to eat clean and instead go back to nature by using all that is readily provided for us to use… naturally!


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