Chai was always a crucial part of our life but he had never thought of opening a chai outlet, especially not after getting through our college. But life always has interesting cards to deal out; one only needs to be open to possibilities.

In the final years of college we were pretty sure that we didn’t want to get into a dull job routine. “Somehow chai was always there at the back of our minds. And when I asked myself if there is a place in India where I can find ‘meri wali chai’, the answer was no,”. This is when he decided to go ahead with this seemingly crazy idea of starting an outlet of chai. The idea was to have something like a Starbucks for India and that of course has to deal with ‘chai’.

We felt that chai had always been neglected and had not been given the treatment it truly deserved. It was one of those few daily consumption items that had seen no change in how it was consumed since independence.

It was an idea whose time had come, given the sheer size of the opportunity. This was no easy task as it required the creation of a new category. The acceptance of tea outside of homes was a daunting task. It took two years of thorough research to figure out consumer preferences that included a survey of people on the ground.


Indian Style Hot Coffee


Lemon Tea


Adrak Tulsi Chai


Organic Tulsi Green Tea



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Awesome White sauce pasta served here !! Must say try this at least once and u will never forget the aroma

Gaurav Seth Delhi

 Food was awesome and staff was very polite and was delicious.

Priyanka Kohli Delhi

If there is a place you want to go in for some nice tasty chai and oreo shakes then this the place. The service is fast and the staff is amazing and friendly. Surely a must visit.

Vaishnavi Krishnan Delhi